Friday, March 15, 2013

Rainbow and Ice

Rainbows are good but ice is not.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Skipped May and flew through June

Here is some of what we did...

Beautiful mornings enjoy the last of the smooth air before summer

illustrating the importance of watching for traffic, a student and I watched this incredibly close near mid air collision at lake Chelan

More fantastic days flying into Electric city

Teaching my son the finer points of catching a football

Flying with our eyes closed, not much to see some days anyways

enjoying a few walks between the thunderstorms

taking over NOAA and controlling the weather

building a fence with the neighbor

Earlier days, to take advantage of smooth air and sunrises

Hunting for wild turkey eggs in the woods

more sunets

more blind flying, relying on the instruments

no, that is not what it is supposed to look like

discovering bad parts on the plane during VIP tours and trying to keep my cool

Introducing the students to flying in bad weather, not every day is sunny

But it is nice when they are

lighting from the back porch

Rainbows at the office

some days we just keep going until we find that smooth air away from the rain

The transition between the weather is always spectacular

Dodging rain

Stuck in the rain

checking the ole ticker at high altitude

accidents happen

relatively cheap physics lesson for some students

Exploring the woods

Exploring the lake

Waiting for more storms

Having patience with the flight schedule

Helping Auntie get married

fastest ring bearer ever

taking photos instead of preventing face plants, just split seconds later...

finding big chairs

taking time to smell the flowers

playing hide and go seek

and last but not least, eating chocolate

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sunsets and Adventures

Back on the home front, we make the most of our sunny days with adventures into the wilderness around our home.  I am looking forward to the longer days.

Good Days & Bad Days

Spring has sprung a little wet and grey this year.  We keep flying as much as we can, affording the students some valuable weather exposure.  Every once in a while we get a glorious blue sky day.